BioBanking, Biocertification and FBA

BioBanking and Biocertification (BBAM and BCAM)

Cumberland Ecology is a provider of BioBanking and Biocertification assessments in NSW. As metric assessments of development projects and market based biodiversity offsetting mechanisms become increasingly used in NSW, we have made it our business to keep up with the latest training and accreditations. With accredited assessors on our team and extensive experience in BioBanking and Biocertification, Cumberland Ecology is well placed to provide technical and strategic expertise for developments and biodiversity offsetting projects.

Cumberland Ecology has applied BioBanking and Biocertification to a wide range of development projects, including small and large subdivisions, urban renewal projects, state significant infrastructure projects and state significant developments.

Framework for Biodiversity Assessment (FBA)

The Framework for Biodiversity Assessment (FBA) is the government assessment tool used to assess Major Projects in NSW and underpins the NSW Biodiversity Offset Policy for Major Projects.

Cumberland Ecology provides trained assessors who are accredited to undertake FBA projects. Since the release of the FBA in October 2014, Cumberland Ecology has carried out several biodiversity assessments using the FBA for Major Projects such as mining projects, and large-residential developments and subdivisions.