Court Work and Other Expert Testimony

Cumberland Ecology provides court-related services for Class 1, 3, 4 and 5 proceedings in the Land and Environment Court of NSW, and Section 34 conciliation conferences.

Our director, Dr. David Robertson, has over 25 years of ecology experience since obtaining his doctorate at Melbourne University in 1985. He is a specialist ecologist with expertise in both botany and zoology and has worked as an ecological consultant since 1993. He has extensive experience in court-related work, including:

  • Provision of expert testimony, such as:
    • Preparation of Statements of Evidence
    • Preparation of individual and joint experts’ reports

  • Contribution to Statements of Facts and Contentions
  • Presenting evidence as an Expert Witness in the Land and Environment Court
  • Attendance at court site meetings
  • Desktop assessments and various research tasks