Dr David Robertson

Dr David Robertson
BSc (Hons), PhD

Dr David Robertson is a highly respected ecological all-rounder with 35 years of ecology experience since obtaining his doctorate at Melbourne University in 1985.

David has expertise in botany and zoology and has been an ecological consultant since 1995. He was a university lecturer for many years and is a compelling communicator, whether with students, clients or government officials alike.

He is an ecologist in both terrestrial and freshwater aquatic habitats, with substantial experience in surveying and monitoring to provide ecologically sustainable project outcomes.

Since founding Cumberland Ecology in 2003, David has established himself as a trusted and successful expert witness in the Land and Environment Court for even the most complex ecological projects.

David has a deep working knowledge of environmental law and applies that to great effect in court. He is renowned for his big picture approach and for his ability to negotiate approvable outcomes for the Court.

He is a key opinion leader in government and court-related environmental work and has a special interest in threatened species impacts, ecologically sustainable renewable energy solutions, terrestrial and aquatic monitoring and surveying.

David’s doctorate examined the impacts of fire and kangaroos on grassy woodland. 

Since then he has worked on many projects involving grasslands, grassy woodlands and kangaroo management. From 1985, David gained diverse experience working on flora and fauna in all states and territories of Australia, in parts of southern and southeast asia and the Pacific islands.  

He has worked on most Australian vegetation, from rainforest to subalpine grasslands through to mangroves. He has also investigated projects involving a wide variety of threatened plants and animals. 

Coolabah Woodland

After working as an ecologist across the breadth of Australian and international environments, David recognises and is concerned about the visible and growing impacts of climate change on our world. 

He has witnessed ecological degradation to a range of ecosystems caused by global warming and associated droughts, wildfires and sea level rise. He is an advocate of urgent action to address climate change and wants to contribute by  providing innovative renewable energy and conservation solutions for future generations.