Legal Assessments and Expert Testimony

Cumberland Ecology is the trusted legal voice on environmental matters for Australian law firms, corporations, and government agencies.

Since 2003, Cumberland has delivered well over 5,000 environmental projects across Australia and overseas, with many requiring astute negotiation and final resolution and approval by the court.

Our excellent expert testimony, thorough research and compelling reports have delivered our clients successful outcomes in many Land and Environment Court (LEC) and Federal Court cases.

Our ecological consultants are highly experienced in preparing for and managing LEC proceedings for Class 1, Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5 matters and stand ready to guide your business through the complexities of ecological assessments in court, working closely with your legal counsel.

Cumberland Ecology’s Director Dr David Robertson is a sought-after expert witness with 35 years of ecology experience since obtaining his doctorate at Melbourne University in 1985.

David is an opinion leader in government and court-related environmental work and has a special interest in threatened species impacts, ecologically sustainable renewable energy solutions, terrestrial and aquatic monitoring, and surveying.

He is a specialist ecologist with expertise in botany and zoology and has worked as an ecological consultant since 1994.

All our court work is supported by our terrestrial ecologists, aquatic ecologists, and GIS specialists.

Cumberland Ecology has extensive experience in court-related work, including:

❖ Providing expert testimony, such as:
    ➢ Preparing Statements of Evidence
    ➢ Preparing individual and joint experts’ reports
❖ Contributing to Statements of Facts and Contentions
❖ Presenting evidence as an Expert Witness in the LEC
❖ Attending court site meetings
❖ Desktop assessments and various research
❖ Peer reviews

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