Meet Team Green

Cumberland Ecology – Genuinely Green!

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
It’s a no brainer that investing in carbon neutrality is not only important from a business cost perspective but because we owe it to our planet and future generations.
Here at Cumberland Ecology we want to practise what we preach – so here’s some of our eco-friendly initiatives that we’d like to share.

Renewables R US

Cumberland Ecology is focused on driving down harmful CO2 emissions in our environment and is transitioning its workplaces to be more eco-friendly.
We have now installed solar panels and batteries on three of our NSW workplaces. On sunny days, our power is now mostly self-generated by the sun, and when we do draw down power from the grid it’s 100% green.

solar panel
Electric Cars
Motoring Along – Minus the Fumes

In line with our mission to reduce CO2, we’re transitioning our fleet away from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. So far we have replaced two ICE work vehicles with an Electric Vehicle (EV) and a Hybrid.
As more charging stations come online in remote Australian locations, and as the array of EVs becomes more diverse, we will move to a completely EV fleet.

ZOOMing towards a Cleaner Environment

We completely support working from home arrangements where possible to provide flexibility for our staff and also for the added benefit of reducing transport-related CO2 emissions.
Cumberland Ecology uses Microsoft Teams and Zoom for a range of meetings and we encourage our staff to work from home when appropriate.

In-House Sustainability Superheroes

At Cumberland Ecology we know first-hand the problems of plastic pollution and un-sustainable practices.

To combat this, we have established an in-house Sustainability Superheroes team to improve our performance across areas including waste, purchasing, travel and CO2 emissions.
We have also employed a sustainability consultant to advise on the best way to achieve great results, fast.

We will keep regularly updating our web page and social media channels with all our successes and any learnings too.

We know there is more work ahead of us and we are proactively taking the steps towards a zero emissions sustainable future for all of our children.

Sustainability Team