Renewable Energy and Sustainable Project Assessments

As Australia and the world turn to renewable energy to ensure a sustainable future, so is Cumberland Ecology.

Cumberland is supporting worldwide efforts to combat anthropogenic climate change and is increasing its involvement with renewable energy projects.

We are currently delivering high quality ecological services to large wind farm and solar farm projects, and pumped hydro.

Due to our climate stance and resultant wish to drive down global emissions, Cumberland Ecology guarantees its work will remain extremely competitive for the renewables and sustainability sectors.

Our experienced ecological consultants will provide expert advice in all phases of your project, from the early planning, assessment and approvals through to any post-approval and monitoring requirements.

We pride ourselves in staying current with the latest research into new technologies and methods for effective and innovative mitigation and monitoring measures for wind and solar farms.

Our capabilities include:

❖ Strategic Advice and Preliminary Ecological Assessments

❖ Ecological Constraints Assessments

❖ Biodiversity Assessments for Development Consent

❖ Biodiversity Offset Strategies

❖ Modification Applications

❖ Biodiversity Management Plans

❖ Post approval and monitoring work

❖ Our large team of Accredited Assessors under the NSW Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) stand ready to help you successfully deliver your biodiversity assessment and prepare a compliant Biodiversity Development Assessment Report for your State Significant Development.

❖ The Cumberland Ecology team has vast experience in sustainability project assessments. We can prepare your ecological assessment documentation needed to gain an Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating and ecological credits from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

❖ The ISCA is a not-for-profit body that aims to drive sustainability outcomes in the booming infrastructure sector.

❖ The Cumberland Ecology team has delivered many ecological reports to help infrastructure projects improve their ISCA IS rating for both Eco-1 Ecological Value and Eco-2 Habitat Connectivity credits.