Biodiversity Offsetting

Cumberland Ecology is a trusted leader in biodiversity offsetting strategies and in managing offsets.

Biodiversity offsets are needed if a development proposal will have an impact on native vegetation or a threatened species habitat.

Offsetting liabilities can be achieved through a range of pathways including purchase and retirement of credits off the credit market, or payment into the Biodiversity Conservation Fund. The offsets are typically areas of land set aside to compensate for the impacts.

Thousands of hectares of land across Australia are currently being held in offsets with varying degrees of protection for vegetation and fauna.

These areas are often managed and monitored to ensure they are performing their function.

We routinely participate in offset development under an array of government policies, including those for Local, State and Commonwealth Governments.

Cumberland Ecology is also experienced in the:

❖ NSW Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM)

❖ QLD Environmental Offsets Policy

❖ Commonwealth Environmental Offsets Policy

Our services include:

❖ Preliminary investigations

❖ Monitoring of biodiversity offsets

❖ Compliance auditing of biodiversity offsets

❖ Preparation of offset management plans

❖ Peer reviews of offsetting documents and reports

❖ Biodiversity Stewardship Site Assessment Report (BSSAR)

❖ Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement (BSA)

❖ Total fund deposit (TFD)

❖ Collaboration with research and non-profit organisations to develop innovative offsetting options for developments.

The BAM is a legislated NSW biodiversity assessment tool under the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (BOS). It is used to calculate the biodiversity credit liability for developments and activities.

Cumberland Ecology is a leader in providing technical and strategic expertise for conservation projects requiring application of the BAM.

All Cumberland staff are experienced in the NSW BAM and we also have 10 accredited in-house BAM Assessors, ensuring your project ticks all the legislative boxes.

Application of the BAM is also needed for Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements, which require the preparation of a Biodiversity Stewardship Site Assessment Report.

BSAs are one type of in-perpetuity agreements that landholders can voluntarily enter to establish their land as an offset to manage biodiversity. Once a BSA is established, credits may be sold on the biodiversity credit market.